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Taylor Daum is an award-winning Dallas-based artist and the founder of DAUM Gallery. She received her BA in Art History from The University of Kansas in 2009 and for over a decade, has sold and exhibited artwork throughout the United States. In 2022, Taylor self-produced several successful pop-up shows, providing her with the momentum and experience needed to chase her dream of opening her own gallery. Taylor's vision is to breathe new life into the Dallas art scene and create an approachable, collaborative, and unique gallery experience.


Taylor's art varies around three different styles: a feminine/organic style, a very intricate masculine style, and an analytical/ symmetrical style. She likes to transition between styles and usually has more than one painting in a different style going at the same time!

Lea Ellermeier


The internationally-recognized artist and powerhouse, Lea Ellermeier, will be our featured resident artist on permanent exhibit at DAUM Gallery. You could say Lea Ellermeier is a painter, and you'd be right...but that's not the whole story. She's also an entrepreneur, CEO, and author. Lea describes herself as a creative person trying to understand the world through her many artist endeavours.

Painting is Lea's way of making sense of the chaos she perceives in the world, an attempt to rearrange colors, lines, and shapes to create something beautiful and unique. Her artistic style mirrors the disruptive nature of her professional work. It’s not a fixed style, but it mixes up how we see the everyday landscapes, pulls apart the lines and shapes and colors to show us something entirely new. 

Jess Tedder


The expressive paintings of Jess Tedder are focused on people, women, the passage of time, and fleeting moments and memories. She plays with the subject being one foot in reality, the other in a different world. However, with each piece, Jess leaves the interpretation up to the viewer.


Jess is native Texan, a member of the Cherokee Nation as well as a Turkish and American citizen. She earned her Bachelor’s in Painting at The University of Texas at Arlington and currently lives in Weatherford, Texas.

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